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Advertising your car on Auto Trader is quick and easy, but if you don't use the best wording or you ask too much for the car, you'll get a limited response. Here's how to create a great advert.

Start by working out how much to ask for your car. Price it too low and you'll lose money, but price it too high and you'll get no interest. The key is to price it just above what you'll accept, leaving room to haggle - everyone likes to think they're getting a bargain.

You can get your car valued on Auto Trader, for just 3.50. This gives you a tailored value, for your car specifically, but it's also worth looking at what other people are asking for their cars. A quick look through our listings will help you set the price effectively. When setting the price, take into consideration the mileage, derivative and overall condition of your car.

Once you've worked out the right price for your car, put an advert together that tells potential buyers everything they're likely to need to know. Make sure you include:

  • The exact type of car, including the engine size and bodystyle
  • The year and registration
  • Your car's mileage and colour
  • How much road tax and MoT are left
  • How many owners it's had and how much service history is available
  • equipment that's fitted, such as air-con, alloy wheels, sat-nav

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